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Know who you’re dealing with to prevent getting duped online

Access to your personal information is greater than ever. On the Internet, you can play a game with a friend, review and rate videos, songs or clothes, get expert advice on just about anything, or purchase any item you need.
And with that availability comes more opportunity for identity theft. But with awareness, you can minimize [...]

LifeLock eRecon™: Heartland, Hannaford data breaches mean lower prices for stolen credit card info

It’s all a matter of supply and demand. Pickpockets and small-time hackers were once the only source for a meager supply of stolen credit cards and credit card data, and prices were correspondingly high; in the mid-1970s, buyers routinely paid as much as $20 for a single credit card record.
But that was then. Now the [...]

LifeLock’s eRecon helps thwart identity thieves on the Internet

Mikhail Tuknov, of San Diego, has been indicted on 44 charges of debit card fraud, conspiracy to launder money and ID theft. The indictment alleges that Tuknov was part of an international identity theft ring responsible for the theft of approximately 1,045 debit card numbers and their associated personal identification numbers.
The crimes in which Tuknov [...]