Monthly Archives: January 2011

Be leery of unsecured public Wi-Fi

Not all security breaches at an airport are found during those infamous security pat-downs. Some are much less obvious, but every bit as dangerous.
Airports all over the country offer free wireless Internet access, but hackers are making use of this as well. Hackers are using the service to set up fake wireless connections to steal [...]

Cripple thieves, protect your identity

Do your job, home address and personal interests make you more likely to become a victim of identity theft? Recent research says the answer to that questions is yes.
A large number of identity theft victims live in affluent suburbs and high-density metro areas, have an advanced degree and a spouse, are interested in politics, and [...]

Experts predict this will be a banner year for ID theft

Experts are trying to figure out what identity thieves might do in 2011, but the truth of the matter is that this type of theft is escalating and transforming so quickly, the best anyone can do is guess about it’s course for the new year.
The Federal Trade Commission estimates that the identities of at least [...]

Get smart: Don’t be a credit card fraud victim

All credit card users are potential victims of credit card fraud and identity theft. A thief doesn’t have to steal your credit card or go through your trash to get your account numbers. Any time you use your credit card, you are making your account number available to everyone who is involved in the transaction, [...]

Keep your small business safe

Scam artists in the Lansing, Mich. area are posing as health inspectors and targeting small restaurants.
Victims say they received a phone call at their restaurant from a supposed health inspector to schedule a time for an inspection. Once there, the scammer asks for banking information, credit cards and Social Security numbers. The “inspector” threatens [...]

Phishing, spoofing on the rise

The FBI and the Federal Trade Commission have issued a warning about the growing number of Internet crooks who are using phishing and spoofing to steal personal information.
Bogus e-mails that attempt to trick customers into giving out their personal information are the hottest and most troubling of all the scams currently being used. The FBI’s [...]

Know what to do if your info is part of a data breach

Each year, more than 10 million people are victimized by identity thieves. Even if you follow all the advice by the experts, you’re still vulnerable to identity theft because of events beyond your control. The most vigilant and fraud conscious of consumers can have his identity stolen due to a data breach with a source [...]

Military still the most vulnerable to ID theft

Experts say that military personnel are the most vulnerable among Americans when it comes to identity theft. This is because of the military’s widespread use of Social Security numbers as identifiers. This puts troops’ personal information at risk.
This is not a new problem. The issue has been a topic of conversation for years, and the [...]