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We don’t want to be part of the media’s hysteria mongering. We don’t want to sound like we’re employing scare tactics, or exaggerating the risks of identity theft. This is just an effort to bring you up to date on data breaches, and tell you what Life Lock can do to make sure you don’t get burned by identity thieves.

First of all, take a look at the numbers: Since January 2002, 314,018,799 records have been lost in data breaches in the United States alone. The largest incidents so far have been:

The message here is that it could happen to you. There are only 300 million people in the United States; in just these four data breaches, almost 200 million records were lost.

How Life Lock protects you from data breaches

Even enrolling in an identity theft protection program like Life Lock can’t guarantee that your personal or financial information will never be stolen. But Life Lock has just released two newly developed programs designed to detect identity theft before the first new accounts are even opened. Here’s how they work:

Data breaches and high gas prices…it’s all part of the price we pay for living in the twenty first century. It’s not worth getting hysterical about, and just like you can’t do anything about high gas prices, there’s nothing you can do to guarantee your information will never be stolen in a data breach. But Life Lock can be a great help if you have suspicion that you are at risk of identity theft now or in the future.

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